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Just click play and enjoy thousands of indie songs. It’s absolutely legal and free for you. Audio bitrate depends on the speed of your internet connection, the highest is 320 ! We hope you will like this page of Redwood FM and never leave it) Keep on post-rocking!

P.S. In comments you may suggest your favourite songs(or playlists) for adding to radio stream



  • long distance calling – i know you stanley milgram
    tides from nebula – tragedy of joseph merrick
    ef – tomorrow my friend


  • Hello Alter,

    Is this possible to have a m3u or pls file? My main internet radio is on a media player standalone device. Thx!

  • Hi!

    I’m the guitarist of an instrumental post-rock band called “The Day After The Last Crime” from munich. Maybe you can add a song of our new free studio EP to your list?!

    The Day After The Last Crime – We Play Endlessly, Too
    The Day After The Last Crime – Yet, The Capricorn Does Not Seem To Have Horns!
    The Day After The Last Crime – Solstice

    Here you can download our new EP for free in high quality:

    Andi from The Day After The Last Crime

  • Several days ago I stopped being able to receive any music via the Radio. What’s up? has something changed I don’t know about? I MISS MY MUSIC!!!

  • Some good old post-rock (and some new) :

    -Tarentel – Adonaï
    -Tarentel – Steede Bonnet
    -Tarentel – For Carl Sagan
    -Tarentel – Looking For Things
    -Tarentel – A Cloud No Bigger Than a Man’s Hand
    -Cerberus Shoal – Broken Springs Spring Forth From Brocken Clocks
    -Cerberus Shoal – Nataraja
    -Cerberus Shoal – Nod
    -Cerberus Shoal – An Egypt That Doesn’t Exist
    -Do Make Say Think – Classic Noodlanding
    -Do Make Say Think – End of Music
    -Do Make Say Thing – Goodbye Enemy Airship
    -Souvaris – I Be He That Lives On Telephonic Only !
    -Explosions in The Sky – A Song For Our Fathers
    -Explosions in The Sky – Postcard From 1952
    -This Will Destroy You – Communal Blood
    -This Will Destro You – Black Dunes
    -Grails – Back To The Monastery
    -Grails – Stray Dog
    -Grails – Silk Rd
    -Grails – Burning Off Impurities (best post-rock song ever !)
    -Grails – Soft Temple
    -Grails – Predestination Blues
    -Grails – Stoned at the Taj Again
    -Grails – Deep Snow
    -Mogwai – Like Herod
    -Mogwai – My Father, My King
    -Mogwai – Punk Rock
    -Mogwai – Friend of the Night
    -Mogwai – Rano Pano
    -Mogwai – Hungry Face
    -Caspian – Moksha
    -Caspian – Hickory ’54
    -Caspian – Fire Made Flesh
    -Yndi Halda – Dash & Blast
    -Danny Paul Grody – Hello From Everywhere
    -Danny Paul Grody – Route 1
    -Danny Paul Grody – Eve
    -The Evpatoria Report – Dipole Experiment
    -Codes in the Clouds – Washington
    -Codes in The Clouds – Cold Calls
    -Esmerine – Little Streams Make Big Rivers
    -Esmerine – Histories Repeating as one Thousand Hearts Mend
    -We Are Ghosts – Old Town Hall
    -Jambinai – Time Extinction
    -Jambinai – Close His Eyes back to Shine the Light
    -Jambinai – Connection
    -Jambinai – Miro (live) >> excellent korean post-rock with some traditionnal influences
    -Lìam – VII
    -Pelican – Ataraxia
    -Adolf Plays the Jazz – Oddy
    -Dirty Three – Moon on the Land
    -Dirty Three – Ashen Snow
    -Balmorhea – Bow Spirit
    -Balmorhea – Steerage and the Lamp
    -Balmorhea – Fake Fealty
    -Anoice – Final
    -Blueneck – Symbiosis-Part II
    -Aspects of Physics – Ping
    -Aspects of Physics – Contact
    -Labradford – Comfort
    -Labradford – WR
    -Labradford – Experience the Gated Oscillator
    -Pan=American – Virginia Waveform
    -Kokomo – Taubem in Grass
    -The Trees & The Wild – Empati Tamako (very great Malaysian stuff !)
    -Her Name is Calla – Maw
    -Her Name Is Calla – New England
    -Her Name Is Calla – Poor More Oil
    -Her Name is Calla – Predator
    -Her Name Is Calla – Long Grass
    -Her Name Is Calla – Union I: Worship a Golden Sun
    -The Monroe Transfer & Her Name is Calla – #1 and #5
    -Tulsa Drone – Honcho Toro

  • By the way, i’m searching for good and original post-rock bands influenced by ethnic, tribal or folkloric stuffs (like Grails, Jambinai or the gamelan GYBE-style). Any bands to recommend ?

    Thanks for advance and nice work for the site & radio !

  • @mike It’s beeing updated on every comment/request. But the list goes from top to down just like the comments. So you always see the same beginning of list.

  • 時計 ハミルトン 人気…

    His{ back was |turned on her for a |時計 ハミルトン 人気|moment, while he placed| the basket on| a side-table. In that£ý moment£û her mind advanced |at a bound |from present| to future. Accident…

  • Just want to thank you. Post rock is wonderful and this collection here is maddening!

    Also, hear:
    Tycho: A Walk
    Tristeza: Building Peaks
    Households: Sleeping at last
    Blackstratblues: Ode to a sunny day
    Album Leaf: Into the Sea, Twenty Two Fourteen
    Cloudkicker: Let Yourself be Huge, Covington

    Again, THANK YOU :)

  • any way i could possibly play this playlist through my phone? Like is there a way to access it outside of this site so my phone can play it through an app maybe?

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