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Just click play and enjoy thousands of indie songs. It’s absolutely legal and free for you. Audio bitrate depends on the speed of your internet connection, the highest is 320 kbps! We hope you will like this page of Redwood FM and never leave it) Keep on post-rocking!


P.S. In comments you may suggest your favourite songs(or playlists) for adding to radio stream



  • long distance calling – i know you stanley milgram
    tides from nebula – tragedy of joseph merrick
    ef – tomorrow my friend


  • Hello Alter,

    Is this possible to have a m3u or pls file? My main internet radio is on a media player standalone device. Thx!

  • Hi!

    I’m the guitarist of an instrumental post-rock band called “The Day After The Last Crime” from munich. Maybe you can add a song of our new free studio EP to your list?!

    The Day After The Last Crime – We Play Endlessly, Too
    The Day After The Last Crime – Yet, The Capricorn Does Not Seem To Have Horns!
    The Day After The Last Crime – Solstice

    Here you can download our new EP for free in high quality:

    Andi from The Day After The Last Crime

  • Several days ago I stopped being able to receive any music via the Radio. What’s up? has something changed I don’t know about? I MISS MY MUSIC!!!

  • Some good old post-rock (and some new) :

    -Tarentel – Adonaï
    -Tarentel – Steede Bonnet
    -Tarentel – For Carl Sagan
    -Tarentel – Looking For Things
    -Tarentel – A Cloud No Bigger Than a Man’s Hand
    -Cerberus Shoal – Broken Springs Spring Forth From Brocken Clocks
    -Cerberus Shoal – Nataraja
    -Cerberus Shoal – Nod
    -Cerberus Shoal – An Egypt That Doesn’t Exist
    -Do Make Say Think – Classic Noodlanding
    -Do Make Say Think – End of Music
    -Do Make Say Thing – Goodbye Enemy Airship
    -Souvaris – I Be He That Lives On Telephonic Only !
    -Explosions in The Sky – A Song For Our Fathers
    -Explosions in The Sky – Postcard From 1952
    -This Will Destroy You – Communal Blood
    -This Will Destro You – Black Dunes
    -Grails – Back To The Monastery
    -Grails – Stray Dog
    -Grails – Silk Rd
    -Grails – Burning Off Impurities (best post-rock song ever !)
    -Grails – Soft Temple
    -Grails – Predestination Blues
    -Grails – Stoned at the Taj Again
    -Grails – Deep Snow
    -Mogwai – Like Herod
    -Mogwai – My Father, My King
    -Mogwai – Punk Rock
    -Mogwai – Friend of the Night
    -Mogwai – Rano Pano
    -Mogwai – Hungry Face
    -Caspian – Moksha
    -Caspian – Hickory ’54
    -Caspian – Fire Made Flesh
    -Yndi Halda – Dash & Blast
    -Danny Paul Grody – Hello From Everywhere
    -Danny Paul Grody – Route 1
    -Danny Paul Grody – Eve
    -The Evpatoria Report – Dipole Experiment
    -Codes in the Clouds – Washington
    -Codes in The Clouds – Cold Calls
    -Esmerine – Little Streams Make Big Rivers
    -Esmerine – Histories Repeating as one Thousand Hearts Mend
    -We Are Ghosts – Old Town Hall
    -Jambinai – Time Extinction
    -Jambinai – Close His Eyes back to Shine the Light
    -Jambinai – Connection
    -Jambinai – Miro (live) >> excellent korean post-rock with some traditionnal influences
    -Lìam – VII
    -Pelican – Ataraxia
    -Adolf Plays the Jazz – Oddy
    -Dirty Three – Moon on the Land
    -Dirty Three – Ashen Snow
    -Balmorhea – Bow Spirit
    -Balmorhea – Steerage and the Lamp
    -Balmorhea – Fake Fealty
    -Anoice – Final
    -Blueneck – Symbiosis-Part II
    -Aspects of Physics – Ping
    -Aspects of Physics – Contact
    -Labradford – Comfort
    -Labradford – WR
    -Labradford – Experience the Gated Oscillator
    -Pan=American – Virginia Waveform
    -Kokomo – Taubem in Grass
    -The Trees & The Wild – Empati Tamako (very great Malaysian stuff !)
    -Her Name is Calla – Maw
    -Her Name Is Calla – New England
    -Her Name Is Calla – Poor More Oil
    -Her Name is Calla – Predator
    -Her Name Is Calla – Long Grass
    -Her Name Is Calla – Union I: Worship a Golden Sun
    -The Monroe Transfer & Her Name is Calla – #1 and #5
    -Tulsa Drone – Honcho Toro

  • By the way, i’m searching for good and original post-rock bands influenced by ethnic, tribal or folkloric stuffs (like Grails, Jambinai or the gamelan GYBE-style). Any bands to recommend ?

    Thanks for advance and nice work for the site & radio !

  • @mike It’s beeing updated on every comment/request. But the list goes from top to down just like the comments. So you always see the same beginning of list.

  • 時計 ハミルトン 人気…

    His{ back was |turned on her for a |時計 ハミルトン 人気|moment, while he placed| the basket on| a side-table. In that£ý moment£û her mind advanced |at a bound |from present| to future. Accident…

  • Just want to thank you. Post rock is wonderful and this collection here is maddening!

    Also, hear:
    Tycho: A Walk
    Tristeza: Building Peaks
    Households: Sleeping at last
    Blackstratblues: Ode to a sunny day
    Album Leaf: Into the Sea, Twenty Two Fourteen
    Cloudkicker: Let Yourself be Huge, Covington

    Again, THANK YOU :)

  • any way i could possibly play this playlist through my phone? Like is there a way to access it outside of this site so my phone can play it through an app maybe?

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